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Fellowship Among the Churches October 2023


The upcoming Fellowship Among the Churches will be held as a face-to-face conference. There will be no livestream of the conference messages.

Conference Dates: October 20-22, 2023
Venue: FTT-Malabon Training Center


  1. Register: Click the button below and enter your registration information in the online registration system.
  2. Donation fee:
    • Php 600 – for registration without accommodation request
    • Php 1,000 – for registration with accommodation request
    • Please forward individual payments to the serving ones in your local church coordinating for this conference.
  3. For any concern regarding your registration to the FAC, please coordinate with the serving ones serving as FAC REGISTRAR in your locality or cluster.
  4. Deadline: September 18, 2023. Late registration will be surcharged and is subject to availability of provisions.

Complete Announcement

Please read the complete announcement below. You may also download it for your convenience using the download link.

For the Serving Ones

Are you a designated serving one in your local church to coordinate with the FAC registration and other services? If you are, click the link to sign up as a REGISTRAR.

After your REGISTRAR ACCOUNT is verified and approved, you may then manage the all the registration of the participants from your area. You may also receive communication via your email or phone for more detailed instructions.


For inquiries or concerns, please contact.

  • Bro. Fred Rodriguez – 0943 303 3188
  • Bro. Jonathan Parungao – 0933 866 2174
  • E-mail to: [email protected]