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About this website

Primary purpose

This website is an avenue for fellowship among the local churches in the Lord’s recovery in the Philippines and all over the entire earth. We hope that this website will be a channel for the saints and the churches in the Philippines to share to one another their experiences and enjoyment of the unsearchably rich Christ. This may also be a channel for sharing of prayer burdens, reports from the churches, as well as announcements and updates on various trainings and conferences for the saints in the Philippines.

Universal fellowship

We do believe that all the churches in the whole world are just one Body of Christ. Even though the practicality of the church is in the local churches, all churches can only exist in fellowship, and must maintain this relationship of fellowship. Such fellowship is not merely an outward activity, but is none other than the flow of the divine life with the transmission of the divine supply through the flowing of the Spirit.

Furthermore, we do not promote an exclusive “fellowship” among the churches in the Philippines or in a select geographical area. We do believe, however, that this website, on the one hand, can facilitate the communication among the churches within one country, who must practically coordinate in a regular basis. On the other hand, this website can also provide a convenient means for the churches abroad to connect to the churches in the Philippines.

Not a substitute

We hope that the saints’ activities online would not replace, but rather enhance, the actual church life where we can practically meet together in person for shepherding, perfecting and corporate enjoyment. We also do not wish for the enjoyments shared here to substitute our own personal pursuit by coming to the Word directly to receive supply. Rather, we would like the contents of this site to be an exhibition of the varied grace of God through the overflow of the riches of Christ that we have gained in both our personal and corporate enjoyment of Him.

May this the Lord bless us all with a rich fellowship, and may this website help by giving us such a convenient way to reach out to the saints in order for us to minister Christ to one another for the building up of His Body.