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Fellowship Among the Churches (April 2021)

Work Advisory

To: The churches in Regions I to VI and NCR of the Philippines

Dear brothers and sisters,

This is to announce the upcoming FELLOWSHIP AMONG THE CHURCHES (FAC) scheduled on April 1-3, 2021. The conference will be conducted online.

The arrangements concerning the conference are as follows:

  1. FAC. This is an online fellowship conference for the churches in Regions I to VI and the National Capital Region of the Philippines, but is made available upon request for participation and blending by all the saints in the Lord’s recovery.
  2. CONDUCT. The FAC will be conducted online via Zoom video conferencing. This is recommended for message viewing and blending in large groups.
    The broadcast will also be available on FB Live, particularly to serve the  areas with poor internet connection.
  3. LANGUAGE. The messages will be spoken in Chinese and will have translation in English, Tagalog and Cebuano. Message outlines are available in these four languages.
  4. GROUPING. Different areas or provinces will be grouped together in several Zoom meeting rooms for the purpose of blending. FAC serving ones will announce the groupings before the start of the conference.
  5. BLENDING. The schedule of the training sessions are synchronized to allow for corporate message viewing and blending in the break-out rooms. Attendees viewing through FB Live must also join the FB Rooms for blending and sharing
  6. SCHEDULE. Here is the schedule of the FAC:
Date (Day)TimeSession
April 1 (Thursday)2:00PM1st session
4:00PM2nd session
April 2 (Friday)2:00PM3rd session
4:00PM4th session
April 3 (Saturday)2:00PM5th session
  1. QUALIFICATIONS. All saints and gospel friends from 13 years old and above may attend. No registration fee will be collected. Incidental expenses, i.e. Internet connection, materials, etc., will have to be addressed locally.
  2. PRE-REGISTRATION. Pre-registration is important to plan for the FAC arrangements. We therefore ask the co-workers in the regions and elders in NCR to submit before March 27, 2021 the following data per city/province for grouping purposes:
    • Tagalog – Expected no. of devices:___; Expected no. of saints:___.
    • English – Expected no. of devices:___; Expected no. of saints:___.
    • Chinese – Expected no. of devices:___; Expected no. of saints:___.
  1. ZOOM HOSTING. Localities with large-capacity Zoom accounts may lend their accounts for hosting a large group. Elders or co-workers in these localities may contact the FAC serving ones before March 15, 2021 for this purpose.
  2. REPORT & STATS. Immediately after the event, please submit the actual statistics of the FAC to Brother Timothy Ah through Messenger or send to this cellphone number (0932-4589008).
  3. CONTACT. For inquiries and other concerns, please contact the following:
    Fred Rodriguez – 0943 303 3188 (E-mail: [email protected])
    Jonathan Parungao – 0933 866 2174

May the Lord, the Head of the Body, bring all the churches into His up-to-date speaking. May we be those who have dispensational value to God in the last days to turn the age. And may the Lord bring all the saints into the atmosphere of blending and harmony. And may we all have a fresh spirit of watchfulness and readiness to prepare for the Lord’s second and imminent coming through His timely speaking.

The mercy and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with all the churches.

In Christ,
The co-workers in Regions I-VI


Download a printable copy here.