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Collegian Training 2022

Praise and thank the Lord!

We would like to fellowship with all saints and churches that after two years, we will be conducting the Collegian Training once again. The details for this perfecting work among the young people are as follows:


Date:June 19, 2022- June 24, 2022
Subject:Being Drawn to Pursue the Lord with Companions
Mode of Training:Online with corporate training locations
We highly recommend that the registered young people of a local church / cluster of churches / province would be gathered together in a meeting hall or any suitable facility for corporate living, along with serving ones who can oversee and guide them full-time. This is similar to the present arrangement of the FTTMa training locations, which will encourage a training atmosphere while practicing corporate living and will help the young people focus on the Lord during the course of the training.
Since we are still in a pandemic, we will require each training location to follow minimum health protocols based on the restrictions implemented by their respective local government when conducting the training.
Sessions and activities will be synchronized across all the locations and will be held online via Zoom.
Check in Time:Afternoon of June 19, 2022 (Orientation will start 7:15 PM)
Check out Time:Noon of June 24, 2022
Objective:To cause the young people to love the Lord Jesus and be absolute to Him, to equip them with the divine truths, to help them grow in the divine life, and to build up a proper character in order to serve in the church, and to become gospel seeds in their campuses and community for the church life.
Qualification:Incoming Grade 11 up to college age Students; Baptized and has at least six (6) months of regular church life
Requirements:  1.    Must be willing to be trained and adjusted.
2.    Must participate and function in all the sessions.
3.    Must exercise the spirit at all times.
4.    Must be willing to coordinate with the saints.
Registration FeeVaries depending on the location.

Since the training locations will be handling the actual expenses, the leading ones and coordinators in the locality(ies) involved will decide on the registration fee for the trainees who are going to be accommodated in their facility. Please contact your local serving ones regarding this matter.

Zoom Meeting Schedule

Time and DateLord’s Day
June 19
June 20
June 21
June 22
June 23
June 24
Morning – 1
Session 1Session 4Session 7Session 10Session 13
Morning – 2
Session 2Session 5Session 8Session 11Culminating
OrientationSession 3Session 6Session 9Session 12

Training Location Guidelines

  1. Each location should reach a MINIMUM number of 20 registered young people. If a location does not reach this number, they should send their young people (YP) trainees to other churches/locations that are able to accommodate them. Such arrangements should be made in fellowship among the churches and their respective leading ones.
  2. Each location should have AT LEAST 2-3 Full-time Serving Ones (SO’s) to oversee the training location. They must  join the sessions and activities of the YP trainees and participate in the corporate living. Locations with a large number of YP trainees are encouraged to increase the number of serving ones to ensure that all YP trainees would be properly cared for.
  3. In addition to the SO’s, there should be another group of saints responsible  for cooking and meal preparation and other needed practical services. It would be best for the SO’s to focus on guiding, shepherding & overseeing the YP’s in their whole being and take care of the spiritual aspect of the training.
  4. Since the sessions will be held online, training locations must have a stable internet connection. The technical set-up for audio and video should be suitable for all the YP trainees to clearly hear and see the speakers, and other trainees in other locations. It would also be best to have back-up arrangements in case of power and internet interruptions.
  5. Training locations should be prepared to accommodate the minimum number of trainees and serving ones and at the same time, meet the minimum health protocols implemented by the local government throughout the entire training.

Training Requirements and Guidelines

Training Attire and Appearance

Brothers:White short or long-sleeved polo (moderate-sized collar) or white polo shirts, tucked in. Dark colored pants with belt (no jeans and shorts, no worldly patterns). Shoes must be black leather shoes (rubber shoes are allowed only during exercise period and cleaning time).

Observe proper haircut. Hair color must be natural.

Sisters:Plain white / off-white blouse with collar (no ruffles, tucked in, and sleeves should cover at least half of the upper arm). Dark-colored skirts (should cover the knees by at least 2 inches when sitting). Black or brown closed leather shoes (heels no more than 2 inches high).

Shorts, sleeveless shirts and sandals are not allowed outside the sleeping quarters.

Use of Gadgets

Bringing unnecessary electronics devices such as laptops, music players, video players, tablets, portable gaming units, radios, etc. is greatly discouraged during the course of the training in order to avoid distractions. Using cameras (including camera function of smartphones) is not allowed during the meetings and inside the sleeping quarters.

Cellphones and gadgets will be collected by the SO’s at the start of the training and deposited for safe-keeping, and will be returned after the training. Should emergencies arise during the training, parents and guardians may contact the SO’s present in the training locations.

Things to Bring

  • Hard copy of The Holy Word for Morning Revival
  • Hard copies of the Bible and Hymns
  • Pen and notebook
  • Water bottle/Tumbler
  • Blanket
  • Personal necessities (e.g., toiletries)
  • Personal medication (if applicable)
  • Sufficient clothing for the whole duration of the training
  • We advise the young people NOT to bring jewelries and excessive cash, and to take care of their own belongings. The training will not be responsible for the loss of any item.


  • Everyone is expected to always exercise their spirit. Prayer should be done at the beginning of every activity, especially during sessions.
  • All YP trainees are expected to strictly follow rules and regulations of the training.
  • All YP trainees are required to be punctual in all the schedules. For sessions, they must exercise to be seated 5 minutes before the time.
  • All YP trainees should give due respect in the Lord toward all fellow trainees and serving ones.
  • Time and place of eating, usage of restrooms, and sleeping will be properly regulated. Should there be any concern regarding these matters, please fellowship with the coordinating brothers of the training before proceeding to register.
  • Cleanliness, neatness, and orderliness should be exercised in all matters at all times.
  • All trainees must observe proper separation from the opposite sex. Brothers and sisters are not allowed to engage in loose contact nor have any form of communication unless for coordination purposes in order to comply with the training activities. Courtship or any kind of action motivated by ulterior intentions is strictly not allowed.
  • Violation against any of the rules and regulations will be properly recorded and attended to accordingly.
  • All young people are expected to be present in all the sessions and activities, and complete the entire six (6) days of the training course.
  • The training has the right to dismiss any trainee who refuses to abide by the rules of the training, or is unwilling to be regulated and corrected.
  • For any concerns and possible issues, the serving ones in the training are always available to listen and assist. If there are problems identified before the start of the training, please contact the coordinating brothers.


  1. Registration will be submitted BY TRAINING LOCATION. Ensure that your location meets all the minimum requirements^ stated in the Training Location Guidelines above before sending your registration information.
  2. All registrations must be submitted by a serving one who will be present at training location during the training.

How to Register

  1. Serving ones must download the official registration form here. The form includes registration for both YP trainees and full-time serving ones. Saints serving in the levitical services are not required to register:
  2. Submit your file by filling out* the official Google Form**:
  3. You should receive a copy of your responses from Google Forms after completing the form***. If you did not receive an email, please contact the Registration Department.
  4. Links, outlines, and other materials will be sent via email one week prior to the start of the conference.

^ Locations that do not meet the minimum requirements will be advised to let their YP trainees join other qualified locations and register their YP through the qualified location.
* Only one (1) submission per email is allowed in the Google Form.
** Those who completed the form may edit their submissions until the end of the registration period.
*** All registrations must be submitted only through the official forms listed above. Other methods of registration will be declined and will be instructed to follow the advised procedure.

Deadline of Registration

Deadline for registration is on May 30, 2022 (Monday) at 6:00PM. You may edit / modify your submission in Google Forms until the deadline. Late registrations will no longer be accepted.

For registration concerns, you may contact the Registration Department via:


For Inquiries you can contact the following brothers:

  • Bro. Joel Tan – 09333443415 (Sun)
  • Bro. John Nelson Wee – 09227915325 (Sun)
  • Bro. Michael Delos Reyes – 09175514864 (Globe)
  • Bro. Michael Zamora – 09283378942 (Smart)

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