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Offerings for the Need in Ukraine

“It is sufficient to say that the fighting in Ukraine is intensifying, that the saints are in increasing danger and are still moving or trying to move to safe places, that some of the brothers on both sides are forced to fight in the military and endure the dangers and trauma of war, and that gospel and ministry materials are being prepared to distribute in whatever way is possible both within Ukraine and to the refugees who are now in Europe. It should also be noted that the saints who are refugees consist mainly of sisters and their children; the husbands are not allowed to leave the country. These refugees will need ongoing care in the countries to which they have fled, and the saints and the churches in those countries will need the Lord’s grace and wisdom, plus the financial support of the Body, to meet the needs of the refugees. The saints who remain in Ukraine, including the co-workers and the full-time serving ones, will need our prayer and may also need our financial assistance.” (From the email of Brother Bob Danker)

It is possible for the saints to give directly to LME (Lord’s Move to Europe) for Ukraine. However, it is expedient for the saints to give through their respective local churches and for the churches to forward the offerings to the designated account care of FTTM. Then the FTTM will forward the aggregate amount to LME.

We hope to send our offerings to LME by April 4, 2022. Please turn over the offerings to the account below before this date.

  • Peso Account:
    • Account Name: FTTM, Inc.
    • Account Number: 464-7-46490615-7
    • Bank & Branch: Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. / Concepcion, Malabon
    • Beneficiary’s Address: 47 Sisa Street, Acacia, Malabon 1474
    • Bank address: 286 Gen. Luna St, Malabon, 1470 Metro Manila
    • Swift code: MBTCPHMM
  • Dollar Account:
    • Account Name: The Church in Malabon, Inc.
    • Account Number: 228-2-228007182
    • Bank & Branch: Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. / Tugatog, Malabon
    • Bank Address: M.H. Del Pilar St., Tugatog, Malabon, Metro Manila
  • Gcash (small amount only):
    • Account name: Jennilyn Su
    • Mobile Number: 0926 289 4003

Note: Upon deposit of offerings, send a copy of the deposit slip to [email protected] and/or send a message to Sis. Jennilyn Su (+63 942 403 0667). Please indicate that it is for “Ukraine.”