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General Update and Prayer Items concerning Typhoon Odette Calamity in the Philippines

In the third week of December, super Typhoon Odette wreaked havoc in the middle regions of Philippine archipelago leaving gross damages to crops, properties, utilities and infrastructure. Dozens of our meeting halls are damaged and hundreds of saints’ homes are affected. As of this date, there are places that are not yet accessible, without power or without telecommunication.

But by the Lord’s mercy, our saints are mostly safe and secure (apart from two casualties that were reported recently and pending verification). The typhoon victims are accommodated in the public evacuation centers supervised by the local government agencies. Meantime, our serving ones have taken the courage to search for and contact the saints to supply some relief goods and basic necessities.

Thus, we bring this matter to fellowship in the Body that we may all pray and beseech for the following:

  1. That the Lord’s grace may abound towards the saints to strengthen their inner man with His assuring presence in these moments of difficulties.
  2. That this will cause the church to turn to the Lord in humbleness to take His way of faithful intercession and practical shepherding.
  3. That the brothers who are out to minister to the needs of the saints will remain safe and protected from harm.
  4. That the governing authorities will have the wisdom and prudence to bring order and direction, for quick restoration of the affected areas.
  5. That this experience should cause all saints to realize the need to prepare for and endure adversities, as the world situation aggravates toward the end of this age.
  6. That the Lord, our El Shaddai, will richly minister Himself, for the saints to recover from this devastation with stronger faith and trust in Him who has called us to be His living witnesses in these dark times.
  7. That the Lord will save us from doubts, fears and reservation; and infuse us with an overcoming spirit to carry on with His divine commission at all and any cost. Emmanuel.

“For I know that for me this will turn out to salvation through your petition and the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ”

Philippians 1:19